How to collect souvenir plates?

What you need:

• Information on collection plate.

• Decide what type of plates you want to collect. Some collectors focus on one series of plates and other plates collect specific author .. Many others collect souvenir plates from many cities in which they are.

• You need to find a souvenir and antique shops.

• Explore online auctions, hoping to find the perfect bowl, to add to his collection.

• Join online groups in social networks to keep abreast of events chki stovuyutsya collecting plates. This is also a great way to share your interests with people who have similar interests.

• Expose to show his collection to you and all around could enjoy its beauty and diversity.

In the online store "Magnityk" great selection of souvenir plates with designs all over Ukraine. This dish can be a good gift for the collector.

Practical gifts

• Сups - very common type of souvenirs. Mugs come in a wide variety of styles, colors and a wide variety of images. A big advantage cups - that's what they enjoy absolutely everything. Souvenir cup warm your heart memories, while hot drinks warm as you. This category of useful and practical gifts include glasses and kelishky. Souvenir cup warm your heart memories, while hot drinks warm as you.

• Clothes are practical souvenir for the tourists, because you will not only use it regularly, but always have a reason to talk about a place you visited. Another advantage of souvenir clothing is that it can be used during your trip. This is especially useful when you have the right amount of things, or if the weather does not match the contents of your suitcase.

Interesting fact: The sizes of clothing are quite different in Europe and America are quite different. Keep this in mind when buying a souvenir clothes abroad!

• Nothing can be more practical than food. Food is often deeply reflect the individuality of different cultures. Food from around the world can help you understand the people who live there and share the culture of this place with friends and family.

• In the market there are many souvenir collectible souvenirs. For example: Souvenir plates, imaging characteristic of a certain area. Also included in this category magnets, jewelry boxes, ceramic bells, vases, statues and others.

Interesting fact: Collect souvenir plates were popular 19 th century.

Depending on your preference, you can find gifts that fit your lifestyle and bring back fond memories of your trip for years to come.

Top Ukrainian souvenirs

Union of "Magnityk" makes Ukrainian souvenirs.

We sell our souvenirs wholesale and retail. Production of "magnet" is in Ukraine. We make Ukrainian souvenirs using Ukrainian facilities and traditions. We produce souvenirs made of wood, ceramic, poly ceramics, glass ...

High-quality ceramic and glass pots and plates, different sizes and forms, with almost perpetual dekolovanym, color, or one color image. Our designs are different and multifaceted thematic range that are designed specifically for this type of application-specific technology.

Gift magnet. This product, which has a direct thematic reference to the region and acts as a souvenir in memory. The range of tourist magnets: Ceramic, Soft magnets Wooden magnets Magnetic notepads, key chains.

We have a full cycle of development and manufacture of tourist souvenirs.

Our gifts are distributed throughout Ukraine.


Gift pots

One interesting hobby is collecting cups. You can bring a cup from around the world and they will always be reminded of the places where you went.

Wide range of cups often offer souvenir shops. Here you can see the cup depicting various local cultural monuments, original shirts and various attractions.

Souvenir mugs - an inexpensive, stylish and useful gift. They have a very wide range of use. They can give a friend, boss, business partner or guest who came to you for tea (or coffee).

Tourists prefer a cup with the image of cities and countries in which they visited.

Souvenir mugs - a secret language that communicate almost all travel lovers. They love their cup, standing on the kitchen shelves and warm memories of fun and interesting journey.

The majority of the souvenir cups made on technology that lets you use dish washing machine without compromising image.

The method of applying decal

The method of applying decal - is the transfer of the image from one surface to another. This method is used for drawing pictures of pottery, decorative items and glassware.

The very label contains three layers: color or image layer that includes decorative design; covercoat, obviously, the protective layer, which may include a glass of low-melting; and backing paper on which the design is printed by screen printing or lithography. So dekolyuvannya dishes is this: printed image is transferred to the ceramic or glass product and then burned in a furnace.

This method of drawing the image on the dishes makes it very resistant to external factors. Dishes with stickers made using dekolyuvannya can be washed in the dishwasher.

All dishes imaging, which produces "Magnityk" made this way. Also engaged in manufacturing promotional products (plates and cups with drawing the logo of your company)..

Refrigerator magnets

From the start of serial production of the first refrigerators in the early 20th century. Often had thoughts of improving their appearance.
     In the early 50s in America, John Westlich received a patent for the production of refrigerator magnets that are used to fix the paper and notes to the surface. Since this thing has been very helpful, the problem of fixing anything to the refrigerator has been resolved. The first who received a patent for the production of decorative magnets was William Zimmerman from the city. Art. Louis (Missouri, USA). He patented decorative magnets, which can not only record notes, but also decorate any metal surface. This happened in the early 70s of the 20th century. And as the surface of refrigerators remained unchanged, it is not surprising that soon became magnets are very popular.
      Due to the fact that mahntity Fridge become quite popular, they become subject to collection. At the present time to determine collectible magnets no official name (such as "philately", "numismatics"), but recently among collectors in internet - space often used the word "MEMOMAHNETYKA."
Most magnet collected on the number of Americans belong Hrinfarb of Louise Henderson (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA). Her record as of the year 1997 amounted to 19.300 magnets and was included in the "Guinness Book of Records." According to the British "Book of Alternative Records" in February 2002 in her collection already numbered 29,000 mahntiv, and currently has over 30,000 (!!!). Louise Hrinfarb nicknamed "THE MAGNET LADY".