About us

About us

Union of "Magnityk" was founded in Lviv in 2004. The purpose of unions - to develop in Ukraine production of souvenirs for tourists and promotional gifts. Unions are important for the application of new technologies and elements of traditional Ukrainian art in production.

Currently Union develops four main areas:

Magnetic materials

Magnityk "is one of the leading places among importers of soft magnetic materials. We have shipped from the warehouse in Lviv in the range soft magnet in any part of Ukraine. Also in the range are neodymium magnets, which can be used very multi-task, naryklad, for the manufacture of toys and ekserementalnyh sets for children.

Promotional Products

JV "Magnityk" first began the production of promotional magnets in Ukraine, we are constantly introducing new technology in production.

We can put ads on soft magnet, magnetic bookmark, magnetic frame, magnetic bookmark, Magnetic Puzzles, Volume magnets and wooden magnets.

You can also purchase materials used in the manufacture of promotional magnets, neodymium magnets, magnetic tape, magnetic tape, magnetic rivet, magnetic holder for pens.

Souvenirs for tourists

Gift pots and plates. High-quality ceramic and glass pots and plates, of various sizes and forms, with almost perpetual dekolovanym, color, or one color image. Our designs are different and multifaceted thematic range that are designed specifically for this type of application-specific technology.

Gift magnet. This product, which has a direct thematic reference to the region and acts as a souvenir in memory. The range of tourist magnets: Ceramic, Soft magnets Wooden magnets Magnetic notepads, key chains.

We have a full cycle of development and manufacture of tourist souvenirs.

Dishes in the application

We always have in stock a wide range of ceramic and glass pots, plates, ashtrays, Kelishky, beer glasses. All products have the certificates of quality and proven in their own practice.